Based on the sustainable development goals created by the UN, CHIWARA CO’s mission is to build a regenerative community by celebrating while educating through bold curated experiences of storytelling, advocacy and products.

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    YERE brings you a collection of selfcare organic products made in Mali.

  • SO [HOUSE]

    SO brings you Interior design items created, curated and made in Mali to accentuate your home.


    KO reflects the experiences that we want to bring to our community ranging from events, workshops and consulting.


    FINI brings forth a mesh of fashion,sustainability and creativity created in Mali.


Born in Mali and raised a third culture child, our founder Assetou wanted to first and foremost share her story and create a brand that was reflective of all her different identities (woman, black, international..etc). CHIWARA CO was born out of our founder looking to celebrate her roots in a manner that celebrates and adds to the economic growth of her home country of Mali, so Assetou wanted to change the status quo and went to meet with artisans that aligned with our core values and vision. Assetou’s professional and personal community involvement highlight her passion in uplifting and representing marginalized diverse voices in the world of sustainability and it was imperative to her that this reflected in all aspects of CHIWARA CO.

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Black Women Connect Vancouver is a collective of women who come together to inspire, empower, leverage our strengths and embrace our diverse experiences. It’s a community where Black women in Vancouver can build meaningful relationships, and celebrate the beauty of Black womanhood and in the fall of 2022 CHIWARA CO founder reached out to their community leaders to bring a chapter of this amazing initiative to Vancouver Island, through many messages, calls and instagram exchanges CHIWARACO became a part of this community by being the home of Black Women Connect Victoria.
Black women connect Victoria hopes to bring safe space for black women to connect and create community through multiple avenues.

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